3D Panoramas With 360-Degree Photos

To create a 360-Degree Photos feature on your Facebook page you have to upload the photo to the site, then use the “Share Photo” option. Now another window pops up and you can select “VR Stereo.” An enhanced 360-degree photo appears and you can move the cursor around and pan the image to see the other side of the photo in three dimensions. To make it more interactive, you have to use specific software designed for creating 360-degree photos. But currently more social networking sites and even services are beginning to support 360-degree photos, and this will continue to grow as augmented reality headsets and other applications become popular. Checkout Madison 360-Degree Photos.

There are many uses for augmented reality with 360-degree photos. Many consumers are already familiar with the concept of using smartphone-type image frames with video. However, those with a good eye for detail will recognize the potential of 360-degree photography beyond just sharing family pictures. For instance, the average consumer is exposed to endless advertising messages that only benefit the company making the ads. But if consumers could see in real time what those ads were supposed to look like they might be less likely to share them with their friends and family unless they were convinced the message was actually intended for their viewing eye.

In fact, many companies have already launched applications that turn ordinary smartphones into portable, self-contained, 360-degree cameras. By enabling consumers to see their favorite images in three dimensions they can see exactly how the brand would look in real life. There are currently over fifty brands currently offering augmented reality application features. It appears the use of smartphones, augmented reality headsets, panoramic images, and other new applications is only getting bigger. As consumers become accustomed to the amazing new features available on modern smartphones they will surely begin to use panorama imaging on their regular smartphones along with the new augmented reality smartphone applications.

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