Choosing Criminal Justice Attorney

You have almost certainly been involved in a debate about criminal defence attorneys at some point in your life, whether at a cocktail party, a Christmas celebration, or as part of regular informal chat. And you were probably defending or criticising defence counsel at the time. Some criminal defence attorneys are simply greedy individuals who will defend anyone to make a quick cash, others do not care if a criminal is released to harm others again, and still others may simply lack a conscience and will defend even repeat child molesters. I agree with many others that not every criminal defence attorney is perfect. Unfortunately, persons consumed by excessive greed, a disregard for humanity’s well-being, and a lack of consciousness that results in a gap between society’s mores and their own are found in practically every field. Click here for more info Criminal justice attorney

However, it’s vital to realise that criminal defence attorneys are defending more than just “criminals”; they’re also defending your constitutional rights. The significance of such a concept may not be as obvious to the common person as it is to a law student, thus the following examples illustrate several rights that have been protected for the greater good. The role of the government and its ever-increasing emphasis on discovering and eradicating crime versus the role of individuals and their rights to be secure in their “persons, dwellings, papers, and things” is fraught with difficulties. More specifically, the government, whether intentionally or unintentionally, infringes on “the people’s” rights under the Fourth Amendment, which protects us from “unreasonable searches and seizures” absent “probable cause.”

Many times, I’ve been asked why the criminal justice system lets criminals escape the hook simply because police officers discovered the body or murder weapon in an area where they weren’t supposed to be. The simple answer is that these people are unaware of the protection against the government that our forefathers envisioned when they drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Fourth Amendment protects us from cops invading our homes and rummaging through our stuff based on a hunch or even less, regardless of whether there is any actual suspicion of criminal behaviour.