Current Trends For Painting Contractors

The construction industry’s post-crisis climate is characterised by the appearance of novel painting products and applications in 2010. New paint colours reflect the upbeat mood of consumers who are progressively regaining their purchasing power. Eco-friendly painting applications encapsulate the public’s growing environmental conscience.Learn more by visiting Surepaint

Forecasts for Paint Colors

This year, several manufacturers’ palettes show an advancement in paint pigments. The palette of colours appeals to a wide range of customer interests and inclinations, as seen below:

  1. Colors of Solace

For a mild relaxing impact in facility interiors, painting contractors might use subdued neutrals. These hues are blended with undertones that adapt to the environment. The finished appearance is one of subtle comfort and simplicity.

  1. Colors that are warm and vibrant

Bright and rich paint hues are available for interior applications. These vibrant and lively colours may be used by painting contractors to create a cheerful and lively room ambiance.

  1. Colors that are artistic

Manufacturers have created a line of pastel-colored paints for walls and murals that are reminiscent of Monet’s work. Ethnic, Asian, and African themes may also be created using vibrant earth-toned hues. Painting contractors see a return of “worn” or “old-world” motifs employing subdued patinas this year.