Dealing With Home Inspection Repairs

Okay, you’ve had the dreaded home inspection, and the Home Inspector now demands that the homeowner repair the damage before the house can be sold. Who will be responsible for the home inspection repairs?

Here’s who I wouldn’t recommend doing your house inspection repairs with. The house was inspected by a home inspector. Some of these house inspection organisations might demand absurdly high fees for simple fixes, which are sometimes not even completed correctly.

I’m not referring to every home inspection company or every home inspector, but I’d like you to consider something for a moment. I believe that more than half of all house inspection repairs are performed by the home inspection business, and that the homeowners are unaware of the cost of these repairs. They just want everything done, and all they can think about is relocating and selling their house.

What harm does it do to hire a few contractors to assess the property damage? You’ve made a list of everything that needs to be fixed. This makes it simple for any contractor or handyman to estimate the cost of the repairs. They aren’t going to look around and give you another inspection; there is a list of fixes that must be completed. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that.

By doing less, you are merely preventing a rip-off by a home inspection firm or a house inspector. Let me leave you with some words of wisdom. If you don’t comprehend what I’m saying, it’s critical that you read this post thoroughly.

As a certified general contractor, I’ve personally seen home inspection reports that included home repairs that were more than double what I would have charged a homeowner.