Getting Your Window Blind Fitted

While the fit of a window blind may seem to those who think about bricks – and, most of the time, it’s realistic – there are always those of us who don’t actually have brick and are embarrassed that we have to use the drill to fit even a medium window. this article on blinds is one of the authority sites on this topic. Or maybe you are one of those who have no time and no willingness to suit them. I wanted to advise people who are in these categories to check out a few important factors after calling from a recent client when choosing someone who fits your window blind.

You hope to repair the blind before buying the surface. Is it apt and can only be attached to the top or front of the window, since you need to make sure that your buy blind can be adjusted, i.e. front, top or can be fitted in any manner. If you are uncertain it may be good asking the fit person to check for you and evaluate your window when you submit an appropriate quotation. When shopping, you may always snap a few photos of your window for suggestions.

Even if the window area requires repair or extra effort to securely instal the blind, blinds are mostly simple to fit. When requesting quotation fitting, about 20-30 minutes should be allowed each blind, depending on the size of the blind and type, and you should ask for time to be individually specified, or you must know how much time you have spent preparing if the fitter cannot tell you up to this day. An competent DIY fitter should easily accomplish a blind fitting in less than this amount of time without any preparation.

Check for travel costs to be paid in addition to the installation or any other charges, and check if a minimum cost applies to things such as preparation, screws, storsage or disposal of the trash.

You will have to include time for comfort, or for meals when testing the time needed if you ask for a big amount of window blinds to be installed. If the store does not provide an adequate service, they do have someone they suggest or employ since this may at least imply that the individual can be experienced in dealing with their window blind.

The client who urged me to write this was requested to pay a whole day, which I think would have taken up to 3 hours, including breaks and minimal preparation of windows (of which there was none required.) However, the fitter spent a lot of time in the yard gazing at the blinds and doing nothing much with his cell phone. The client contested the charge as I was willing to guarantee that I provided assistance to the person who sold him my blinds and did not take advantage of it.