Information About Lubbock Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots or pillars implanted into the jaw to serve as missing teeth. A dental implant is actually a medical part that interfaces directly with the healthy bone of your jaw or skull to serve as an anchor, a tooth root, denture or even to hold an orthodontic appliance like a bridge. The process of implanting a dental implant starts with the dentist. He needs to make a small incision and remove some gum tissue to expose the healthy bone. Once the exposed healthy bone is accessible, the dentist will make two more incisions to insert the dental implants.Browse this site listing about Lubbock dental implants

The next part of implanting dental implants is the placement of the titanium roots or pillars into the jawbone. The dentist usually makes an impression of your jawbone using a special device and takes this to the dental laboratory where technicians create a mold of your new teeth. The technicians can also work with you to determine how many dental implants you can place at one time, depending on the position of each missing tooth. Once your new teeth have been placed, a new surface is created over the titanium roots to keep them in place.
Another option when it comes to dental implants is using dentures. A removable device is used to hold your dentures in place, similar to your natural tooth root. These dentures have a hard plastic shell that fits over your jawbone. Your dentures will be cemented into place and then a thin titanium crown will be placed on top of your dentures. You will need to wear your new replacement teeth for up to six months before they are comfortable enough for use, but with regular care, your new replacement teeth will last longer than your old ones.


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