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When you open a Medical Marijuana Dispensary, what does it mean to you? Do you open it because you want to help people or to make money? Or do you see it as a social responsibility and a way to help the community? What are your motivations for opening the Dispensary? How will you run it? Dispensary Albuquerque is one of the authority sites on this topic.

How much do you charge customers at the Dispensary? Pricing at the Medical Marijuana Dispensary is always based on the amount of cannabis being offered. Most customers are charged depending on the amount and quality of the actual product offered.

How will you be accepting payment? At the Medical Marijuana Dispensary, most are using a card system such as MasterCard, Visa, or Discovery. In addition, customers may also choose to use cash, check, or even PayPal. These forms of payment are secure and allow the customer to receive their medicinal cannabis products immediately. capsules so that customers can choose what suits them best. No matter what type of services you decide to offer, you should always keep in mind the main goal for your business; which is to provide safe and effective medicinal cannabis plant extracts to your community.

Marijuana Dispensaries are established for the sole purpose of selling and distributing Marijuana concentrates. The main difference between a marijuana dispensary and a cigarette shop is that one sells edibles, whereas the other sells Smoking paraphernalia. In order to qualify as a Dispensary you must have been approved by the state government to sell concentrates; and that approval can only be given after certain standards have been met. As an applicant for Dispensary approval you will need to supply the state with copies of valid identification, a check stub and a list of what products you intend to sell. All checks will be done by the department of revenue.

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