Mobile Home Parks – Advantages

A mobile home park or campground is a private or temporary location for travel trailers and mobile homes. Benefits include low price compared to residential housing, quick and convenient moving to another location, such as when taking on a new job in a far away place, while maintaining the same residence. However, it has certain drawbacks that the new homeowner should consider before signing up. Some campgrounds or parks have rules and regulations that the trailers or mobile homes are not allowed to tow, they are not allowed to sleep in their trailers or in any structure on the property. There are others that allow only minimal usage, like using the bathrooms and picnic facilities, but there is still a limit to these. You may find more details about this at Warwick Mobile Home Community-Mobile Home Parks.

This makes these parks a good option for investment but one that requires caution due to the restrictions. One major advantage is the low-cost rental or lease payment. This is offset by high maintenance and other fees associated with these types of commercial real estate properties. Some states have special tax benefits when owning or renting mobile home parks, which can translate to huge financial benefits. For example, there is no property taxes on them in some states.

Some people also have concerns about the lack of operational flexibility in mobile home parks. Although there may be no operational flexibility in the sense that you cannot leave your property without the permission of the park management, there are some things you can do to get around this. If the park has lots that are big enough to accommodate your trailers, you can use them for storage during the day and then visit them at night for a comfortable stay. If there is not a lot of room available for parking your trailer’s outside, consider renting out an office space in the park. You will still get the amenities of home, and at a fraction of the costs.