Painting your bedroom Advice

To accent your bedroom, paint your walls in a multitude of color schemes and patterns. You can also paint any area in the room, from the ceiling to the floor to furniture. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out for details check here

Here are some bedroom decorating ideas that utilize paint to transform your bedroom into the next level:

Wall Decorating Ideas. The walls of bedrooms are usually plain white or off white painted in neutral tones. Adding splashes of color and prints can add personality to your walls, creating an inviting space for sleep. Prints in yellow, orange, red and green are popular bedroom decorating choices. They bring warmth and cheer to your rooms while visually expanding the size of your walls, making the rooms appear larger than they actually are.

Bedroom Paint Color Schemes. Colors can calm you down. Paint your walls in calming shades of sage, celery green, lilac or pale yellow. These colors can also help you fall asleep. Use blues, greens and mauve for bedrooms with dark wood or heavy furniture, and crisp whites, tans or ivory for those with light furniture. can help you sleep better at night. To get the feel of relaxation and sleep, you can use linens that have been inspired by nature. Linens such as comforters and bed skirts that have been made from pure cotton are perfect bedroom colors that will help you relax.