Pedicures – Explained

A pedicure is basically a specialized type of manicure, wherein the nails are painted or sculpted and then are polished. Pedicures are generally done for therapeutic, cosmetic purposes. Generally, they are quite popular all over the world. Pedicures generally require an individual to visit the spa and get manicures and pedicures done. The pedicurist, who is a professional manicurist also does pedicures and it is the pedicurist who provides manicures and pedicures. Checkout greentoes North – Pedicures.

Pedicures usually require that your lower legs are cleaned and then the nails are painted with polish and pedicure products. The pedicurists use a brush and various tools including, combs, brushes, nail files, shears, nail polishers and even stools or chairs for the pedicures. Pedicures involve a careful procedure as the pedicurist has to take the time to pick the nail carefully, clean it and file it neatly. After filing it the pedicurist cleans it further by using a special solution and finishes it with a cover of polish. Pedicures may also include the application of a protective coat of polish on the pedicure’s base – it is always a good practice.

Pedicures remove dead skin from the nails and helps remove it and helps in the re-growth of new skin. It is not only beneficial for your looks but also keeps your skin healthy by keeping your nails away from the rough edges of the toenails. Some people say that pedicures remove the tough outer layer of skin from the toenails and this results in a softer and smooth toenail. While there are many critics of this process, most people admit that regular pedicures do help their nails to look better and healthier. It is recommended that you get your pedicures done at least once a year and you should get your manicures done regularly so that you can keep your nails looking great.