Removing Squirrels From Your Attic

These adorable little creatures have a habit of taking up residence in your home. They may bring their family into your attic, invading it as an uninvited visitor and causing structural damage.

Some of the suggestions below may be useful.


Place a “Havaheart” trap in the area of your attic where the squirrels appear to be living. This will both trap and keep the animal alive. These are available at most local hardware stores and feature the best design. Bait the trap with peanut butter, which squirrels find tempting. Sunflower seeds and nuts can also be added to the mix. Place the trap in the attic and check it daily. Once an animal has been trapped, load the cage and all of its contents into your car, drive to a new location, and release the squirrel. For a week or two, repeat the process. Usually, there are several.Visit them at Wildlife, Inc Dallas – Rodent Removal to get additional information.

Make a phone call to the Humane Society:

Animal control authorities in towns will be happy to dispatch someone to capture the squirrel. Although it is free, you may like to give a little donation. Several humane organisations rent out animal traps. Place the trap close to the animal’s home. Bait with peanut butter on an apple slice once more.

Fears about Squirrels:

Spray the hole with fox urine. This is available at hunting supply stores. Squirrels, for example, are terrified of larger animals higher up on the food chain. This will most likely assist them in leaving quickly.


Try soaking ammonia-soaked cloths and spreading them over the general area where the animal is dwelling. Animals have a better developed sense of smell than humans, and the scent of ammonia drives them insane.

Balls of Moths:

Find out how the moths are coming in and plug up any holes with moth balls. Naphthalene flakes are used to make moth balls. Squirrel replant is comprised of the same naphthalene flakes as squirrel replant, but it is much more expensive.

Close the Doors to the Attic

Squirrels are active throughout the day but disappear at night. Look around your house throughout the day for any loose boards or gaps and hammer them down, as squirrels may get into very small areas. Buy any mesh and cover the opening to your attic, whether it’s a turbine, vents, or anything else. It is normally easier to accomplish this from the inside, ensuring that there are no holes. They will be unable to return once this has been completed.