Tacoma IV Hydration- A Summary

The Key Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration, as many refer to it differently, is the process of obtaining vital nutrients and liquid amounts rapidly from a tube inserted into the body via the nose. This tube is connected to a bag that supplies oxygenated fluids in powdered form to patients located throughout the world. Patients undergoing dialysis often require IV hydration as a regular part of their health care, as dialysis machines can only provide a limited amount of liquids to patients. Elevation Medical, in Colorado Springs, offers a combination of liquids, vitamins and other minerals to aid patients battle dehydration and the various issues associated with it; including jet lag. All patients are monitored and treated according to a strict protocol created by the management team at Elevation Hydration, and patients are released when their condition has improved sufficiently.Learn more by visiting Tacoma IV Hydration

In IV hydration therapy at Elevation Medical, the liquids are made up of a blend of vitamins, sugar and other nutrients, which improve a patient’s condition by increasing his blood sugar levels. The nutrition and electrolytes are then distributed to various parts of the body through the tubing inserted into the nose. Once inside the body, the nutrients and electrolytes can be absorbed and utilized by various organs and systems for proper functioning. Electrolytes include such entities as glucose and plasma, both of which are required by the body for normal functioning.

The use of this type of IV hydration therapy is known as “nutritional intravenous replenishment.” As such, it provides patients with essential nutrients and other substances needed for health and healing. The key benefits of this method involve drinking water instead of risking thirst or injury to the lungs and other areas of the body, and the use of nutrients that can be difficult for the body to absorb through normal means. IV hydration therapy also reduces the risk of dehydration, as well as related complications from prolonged fasting. It provides an alternative method for people who want a healthier way of living and fighting off hunger between meals.

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