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Paulo Coehlo’s book The Alchemist tells the storey of a boy and an alchemist who venture through the desert to the pyramids in search of the boy’s treasure. The alchemist, being a wise man, advises the boy to learn to listen to his heart. But why, wonders the youngster. He responds that your treasure will be found wherever your heart is. As they continued on their journey, the boy received mixed signals when trying to listen to his heart. He feels his heart racing, becomes emotional, and even fearful. The boy thinks his heart is a traitor at one point. That’s fine, the alchemist says; his heart is still beating. Treason, according to the wise man, is an accidental blast. If you know your heart well, it will never do such a thing to you because you will understand its hopes and desires and how to handle them. You’ll never…

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