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Second, dampen the mould on the affected area to prevent more of the spores from rising up while you scrub the area clean (if the mould is dry before you start scrubbing, it flakes away like dust and disperses into the air; by dampening the mould before you start, you eliminate this extra dispersion of the spores), then scrub the area clean of black mould with soap and a hard brush. If the entire mould growth has been eliminated, thoroughly clean and disinfect the area with your chlorine bleach solution.Do you want to learn more? Visit http://www.dehumidifier-reviews.co.uk/how-to-remove-stop-mould-on-walls/ Are you tired of wiping the black ingrowth from your bathroom tiles and grout on a regular basis? Have you ever found that no matter how thoroughly you scrub, the black stuff still seems to return? Well, you’re not fighting this war alone. It seems that it is inevitable. Even though we clean…

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