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  The method of printing your graphic/photo/text or other kind of design onto a T-Shirt using either an inkjet or a colour laser printer is known as digital T-Shirt printing. There are a few ways to do this, so we’ll concentrate on printing with T-Shirt transfers. T-shirt transfer paper is used to start this process. This is a rare, coated paper that is intended to be printed on and then pressed onto the T-Shirt. This paper comes in two varieties: one for use on white and light-colored fabrics, and another for dark-colored shirts. This is the same method as buying T-Shirt transfer paper from Staples or Wal-Mart and pressing it onto the T-Shirt yourself. The difference is that good T-Shirt printers use industrial-grade transfer paper and a commercial heat press to apply the transfers to the T-Shirts. This combination, combined with the T-Shirt printer’s expertise, results in a T-Shirt that…

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