The Right Way to Clicker Train Your Dog


Clicker training has become a popular training method among professional trainers and dog owners because it uses positive reinforcement to rapidly and effectively educate dogs in a way that both the dog and the owner appreciate. Dogs may be taught basic instructions like sit and stay, as well as more complicated tricks, using clicker training. When you use a clicker, you may isolate desired behaviour in your dog and “mark” it with a click. Because clicks are consistent, unlike spoken commands, this makes it much easier for the dog to grasp what is expected of him.find additional information at Train Your Dog.

You can progress to more intricate training and fine-tuning your dog’s behaviour once your dog has acquired the basic notion of clicker training. Because clicker training is easier to understand (from a dog’s perspective), your dog will learn more quickly and effectively than if you just use verbal orders. Keep in mind that the most efficient approach to train a dog is to keep your sessions brief. You should limit your training sessions to 15 minutes per session, although you can do many sessions per day. Dogs have short attention spans, therefore training them for more than 15 minutes may cause them to become bored or uninterested in the training.

1. Obtain a Clicker and a Supply of Treats
The first step in beginning your clicker training is to purchase a clicker and some delectable goodies. Clickers are easy to get by and can be purchased at a pet store or online. You’ll also need to buy some tasty goodies to keep your dog motivated. You can use dry food as a motivational treat if your dog like kibble. If your dog isn’t motivated by dry food, you can utilise a selection of attractive treats available at pet stores. Dried liver and fresh chicken, as well as hot dogs sliced into little pieces and dried in the microwave, are excellent alternatives.
2. Get Your Clicker Training Started
Put a leash on your dog and secure it; if you’re working in a closed door, you can secure his leash to the knob. Make sure the dog’s leash is securely fastened so he can’t pull himself away. This is to keep your dog from lunging at you once he realises you have some nice treats in your hands; you want him to stay still.
Stand back from him and shout out his name or show him a treat to get his attention. Click the clicker and immediately give your dog a treat while holding a treat in one hand and the clicker in the other. Rep this process multiple times until your dog learns to link the clicker’s sound with a reward (in this case, a treat). Even if you accidentally hit the clicker, make sure you give the dog a treat every time you click. Repeat this process a few times until the dog understands that a click is a good thing. If you vary the duration between the click and the treat, and don’t constantly keep the treat in your hand, the dog may learn to obey you only when he sees a treat.
3. Teach Your Dog to Perform When You Press the Buttons
The sit command is the easiest command to start with if your dog hasn’t already learned basic instructions. To accomplish this, wait in front of the dog with a goodie in your hand. Keep the treat in front of the dog (but out of reach) and he will ultimately sit. You must be patient and wait for the dog to sit. Click the clicker and give the dog a goodie as soon as he sits. The dog will be perplexed as to why he was rewarded at first, but if you repeat the process several times, he will ultimately learn what is expected of him. Wait for the dog to sit before clicking and rewarding him. If the dog is too clever and refuses to get up from his sitting position, going away from him should compel him to do so.