Understanding Phoenix Breast Reconstruction

Surgical procedures used in the treatment of mastectomy patients include the reconstruction of nipples and areolas. Nipples are surgically detached from the mammaplasty site and reattached through liposuction or lymph node transfers. This technique, known as a “reactive mastectomy” can be performed on younger patients who have at least one nipple that is functioning and is normal. Phoenix Breast Reconstruction is one of the authority sites on this topic. Patients who cannot produce natural-looking breasts may benefit from this procedure. On the other hand, a patient who has undergone a lumpectomy and has a small residual breast may require reconstruction using a tissue expansion technique.


Reconstruction of areas and base of the nipple can also be done later in the process. This type of surgery is known as an “open reduction mammoplasty.” In many cases, a patient will undergo this type of surgery after mastectomy but before having a breast reconstruction procedure. It is typically done later in the course of medical care, because the size of the areola and nipple can have dramatic effects on the overall appearance of the person’s chest area. In addition, this technique can help women who have lost their breasts to cancer.

One of the most common types of surgery performed in the field of breast reconstruction is called tissue flap surgery. During this procedure, an incision is made in the armpit or underarm area where scar tissue has developed. The surgeon then creates a “flap” on the upper arm by connecting the two flaps together and then suturing the area closed. These flaps are often made from tissue harvested from the stomach. This technique allows more than enough blood supply to the area, allowing for the rebuilding of the nipple and areola as well as breast reconstruction.

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