Vinyl Plantation Shutters – Not So Traditional Anymore

Vinyl plantation shutters add value to your property while providing the privacy you require while still letting the light you desire. These tried-and-true shutters have proven time and time again that they never go out of style. These shutters will last for many years thanks to current technology.Learn more by visiting Greensboro Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Originally formed of large wood slats fixed in a frame, these shutters were intended to provide shade while allowing air to move through the space, keeping the interior of a structure cool. These shutters have been around since the Middle Ages and were employed in buildings with no glass windows. The shutters were closed in the winter or during severe weather to keep the inside warm and dry, while they were left open in the summer to bring fresh air into the household.

These shutters were introduced with Europeans when they first settled the Caribbean and Southern America, and they were utilised in plantation mansions, which is why they are known as plantation shutters. Louvers and even jalousies are other names for these shutters. Jalousies comes from the old French term jalousie, which means jealousy; perhaps this name was chosen because individuals who did not have shutters envied those who had.

Louvers can be created out of a number of materials nowadays, but vinyl is one of the most popular. Vinyl shutters are not only less expensive than wood shutters, but they also endure far longer. Traditional wood shutters chip, discolour, and peel, however vinyl shutters do not. They’re also simple to clean with a simple towel and a little soap if necessary. These shutters are extremely moisture resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms, pools, and other areas where moisture is abundant.

As an extra bonus, most of these shutters don’t require any curtains or valances to finish the look of the window. The only notable exception is café shutters, which only go up approximately halfway up the window, allowing for more light at the top while yet maintaining seclusion. Some people may choose to add a valance to the open part of the window for decorative purposes and to close it if necessary.

Plantation shutters made of vinyl may be produced to fit practically any window, including round ones. When choosing shutters, ensure sure the slats are the right size for your window. Smaller windows should have no less than a 3/12; inch slat, while larger windows should have no less than a 3/12; inch slat. The tilt bar offers another option for your shutters. Originally located in the centre of the shutter, it can now be put on the left or right side, or even buried entirely. Consider having your shutters motorised so that they can be adjusted to allow the right amount of light into the house or even opened on a whim for a genuinely modern look. Many of these modern shutters are also simple to instal, which saves you money on a professional installation.

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