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Medical cannabis, also known as medicinal marijuana, is the dried flowering tops of plants, such as marijuana plants or hemp plants, that have been grown for the purpose of being used for medical purposes. It has been used by many countries across the world as a medicinal treatment for chronic ailments like cancer and AIDS, and it continues to be a source of controversy among government authorities and medical practitioners as to the full benefits of medical cannabis. Even in the United States, the use and distribution of medical cannabis is still a controversial topic. Although most states now permit the medical use of marijuana, some countries still strictly regulate the distribution of medical cannabis. Despite the controversy surrounding the medical use of cannabis, there is increasing evidence that it is an effective pain relief and other medical uses. House of Dank Medical Cannabis – Gratiot – Cannabis Dispensary is one of the authority sites on this topic.
The history of medical cannabis goes far back into the annals of human history. Records support the view that ancient people used medical cannabis as a treatment for different maladies. However, modern scientists do not believe that medical cannabis has a therapeutic use. Instead, they point to its addictive potential, noting that marijuana users seem to report feelings of euphoria and relaxation even without the ingestion of the drug. Thus, medical cannabis may be a powerful stimulant or it may act as a natural appetite suppressant.
Currently, medical cannabis products may include three common concentrations of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC; THC/ CBD; and THC/oxytocin. Each one of these compounds produces distinct physiological effects on the human body. Commonly, medical cannabis products are smoked or ingested, but they may also be taken in tablet, capsule, ointment or other oral forms. In addition, researchers are currently investigating different methods of delivery in order to distribute the active components to a greater number of patients.