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Your wedding could have included the use of a limousine. Worldwide Limo is one of the authority sites on this topic. You can’t just hire a limousine service like you can a hotel room. You must make a reservation for the day of your wedding, as well as the type of limousine that will be available on that day, and so on. It depends on the kind of limo or model you choose to rent. Limousine service has a three-hour minimum rental period. It takes 1 hour for pick-up and drop-off service, which most limousine services do not have unless you hire their limousine for 3 hours.


The cost of a basic rental package for a traditional wedding ranges from $250 to $500 for three hours of service, and rental costs vary depending on your vehicle choice. A regular limousine with 8 seats costs $250 to rent, an exotic limousine costs $350, and a stretch SUV excursion costs $500 to $1,000. This price range is for a three-hour rental, and of course, the new model type of limousine and the more hours you can use it, the more expensive it will be.

You should start looking for wedding limos 6 to 9 months before your wedding date. This will give you more time and opportunities to find the limousine you want for your wedding. Some limousine rental companies will not accept inquiries until a year has passed after your wedding date. If you’re planning a bridal party, an exotic limousine can hold 12-14 guests, but they’re more costly and limited. Be sure to specify the number of people because dressing 10 people in formal attire is difficult.

Many businesses do not put their services in writing; for your safety, insist on a written contract in the event that a dispute arises. If you’re planning a wedding, avoid the months of March to June because school proms cause limousine services to skyrocket. You might have a difficult time finding the type of limousine you want to rent. Another explanation is that during the spring, the minimum rental hours are 8 hours, with a 30% rise in the daily rate rent.

If your wedding is in the spring, you can start looking for limousine service a year in advance. Make reservations for their limousine service and pay a deposit in advance. During prom season, you would not be able to hire a limousine for three hours. Any company raises their service fee or rental fee. During prom season, all companies are completely booked. This season, they do not offer any discounts. Make the appropriate arrangements for hiring a limousine for your wedding to prevent problems.

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