Senior Care: A Healthy Life and a Promising Career

Senior Care is the term given to non-medical health care for senior citizens, which can include home and hospital stays, care in an assisted living facility or nursing home, or any other type of specialized care. The term senior care itself was first used in 1969 by the National Association of Home Care Nursing to distinguish their kind of nursing. Today there are more than eighty million people in the United States who need special attention due to illness, injury or a disability. This care is generally provided by the government or private organizations sponsored by insurance companies and health insurance companies such as Medicare and Medicaid.Feel free to find more information at Greenwich Senior Care.

One of the biggest benefits of senior care is that it helps reduce healthcare costs by providing specialized health care services which may be very costly for a family or individual. The services covered may include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medication management, infection control, wound care, crisis response, and advanced medical care such as robotic surgery, emergency and trauma care, and hospital discharge planning. A patient’s recovery and rehabilitation after a surgery, procedure, or emergency can take up to six months, during which time he or she cannot return to work or hold any other regular job.

While overall life expectancy has increased over the years, this has not been enough to take care of the growing number of elderly citizens without professional assistance. The average age for reaching retirement age is getting higher and combined with the growing number of people without a college education, this makes it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. However, even if you have retired from a respected career, illness or a long-term disability, there is no reason to stop enjoying your senior years. In fact, one of the key benefits of senior care is that you can continue to live an active and fulfilling life. Your doctor will help you decide on what type of care you need and recommend a range of options. Whether you prefer at-home care or a specialized nursing home, you will be able to get the level of care that you need in order to maintain or improve your health and well-being.

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