Small Business SEO – Page Rank

The most significant aspect of SEO is link strategy, which involves building links to a website. Link tactics are the most talked about topic in small business SEO circles. There are nearly as many strategies as SEO companies. The purpose of a small business SEO strategy is to establish links to the site in such a way that targeted commercial traffic converts into sales. google my business seo is one of the authority sites on this topic.
One of the things that propelled Google to the top of the search engine industry was its ability to calculate the worth of a link (they were not quite at first but they were clearly the best). It all started with Page Rank, which is named after one of Google’s founders, Lawrence Page, rather than page rank, as it may appear at first. Page Rank is a complicated mathematical formula that ranks websites depending on the number of links they receive. Higher search engine rating for a site with more relevant, authoritative, and contextual links.
Page Rank is no longer as crucial as it used to be. There are currently many more criteria that impact how a page is ranked than there were in the beginning. High Page Rank no longer equates to more traffic or a higher ranking. It is, nevertheless, a good indicator of how many and how powerful inbound links a site has.
Page Rank is still significant today, even though it isn’t as vital as a link. What has changed is the quantity of links needed to earn a higher Page Rank, with a focus on Trust Rank.
Because of two factors, link juice flows from one site to another in Google’s eyes: strength and anchor text. It may seem unusual that the keyword links are referred to as anchor text, but that is exactly what they are. The anchor text (the text that acts as the link) has a huge role in how a site is ranked.
Google is looking for a way to assess quality and relevance. Anchor text is a fantastic approach to figure out what a page was about and how relevant it was. Google could extract one or a few phrases that any individual thought represented what the page was about by examining the anchor text of incoming links – a nice and straightforward answer to a highly complicated problem. Although computers are improving their ability to interpret language, one of the most essential methods for Google to assess content is through links, so it is critical for every small company SEO agencies to maintain track of links and their worth.