Things Regarding Clark Roofing & Siding

There are many choices of products for your home, but one of the most important choices you will make is what kind of roofing and siding you would like. Although there are a variety of different options you can choose from there are just a few that are often overlooked. Wood shake siding is one of those, and this type of siding can be very beneficial in certain situations. Read on to learn more about this type of siding and some of the benefits that you can reap with it. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Clark Roofing & Siding

Wood shake siding is a solid kind of roofing product that is made from wood shingles that have been cut and then dried. Most shake siding comes in two different types, one is made from genuine wood shingles and the other is made from imitation wood shingles that are coated with vinyl or aluminum. Vinyl is a good choice for your roofing, because it is very durable and can hold up against the weather much better than wood siding. Another great thing about using vinyl or aluminum is that they do not require siding nails or screws. Wood shakes are a good option if you want the look of wood but do not necessarily need to have the strength of wood.

Also another option you can use is clapboard siding. Clapboard is a type of material that can be very attractive as well as tough and durable, however, it does not have the beauty and longevity of wood or vinyl. Clapboard is actually made up of two different types of boards called strips and joints. Most clapboard siding is installed by nailing or stapling them together. Vinyl or aluminum roofing products are also available that are specifically designed to withstand weather, however, they do not have the beauty and durability of wood or cement siding. No matter what type of roof you are looking to install, if you want the look of wood, but not the maintenance you will probably want to install a synthetic product.