What You Need To Know About Boat

A boat is a water vessel of varying class of varieties, usually smaller in size than an automobile, which normally is characterized by its bigger size, engine, passenger or cargo capacity, or its mobility. The largest boats are used for commercial purposes like fishing, racehorses, yachts for cruising, and even memorial vessels for caving and surfing. There are also many types of recreational boats. Some of them are speed boats, power boats, fishing boats, sailing boats, jet skis and sports boats used by the water sports enthusiasts. Most of these boats are built with aluminum or high quality steel. More info explained here.

The main part of the boat which carries the engine, controls and other essential machinery is the hull or stern. The hull is the outer surface, and its length depends upon the type of boat and its intended purpose. It should be long enough to allow easy steering and to allow full use of all the port, starboard and exit places on board. The superstructure is often attached to the hull. The keel or stern is the straight line joining the outer edges of the hull and the keel/stern is designed to support the weight of the superstructure and to prevent leaks. The masts are the tall wooden posts that hold the mast on top of the hull and the sails are usually triangular.

The position of the wheel of the boat is forward or astern, looking forward or port, looking left or port, or looking aft or starboard. If the boat is small, the wheel may be placed looking either forward or port, looking left or port, or looking astern. It can also be capacious enough to accommodate any object placed inside. On large boats, it is common for the wheel to be fixed on either side of the boat, with a pedestal in front of each, or even behind the boat. The configuration of the boat will determine the position of the propellers and thus the configuration of the wheel and propeller arrangement.